We help organizations create more just, equitable and inclusive places to live, work, learn and play.


There is an art to starting where you are. Organizational assessments are an essential component of any deep transformational work - it’s hard to know how to change without a clear picture of what an organization is navigating.

We conduct participatory organizational assessments. We build connection with people working with and within an organization, listening to and learning about what is true for them and developing shared meaning of their working environment. Our process centers those with lived experience of systematic marginalization and those with the least organizational power. We pay close attention to and investigate the unwritten rules and norms of an organization as these often dictate how an organization actually practices equity.

Our process offers clients a clear analysis of their organizational health along with key recommendations about how to advance deeper change.

Strategy & Vision

We help leaders, teams, and multi-stakeholder groups get clear on their vision and develop their agility to navigate change on the way to that vision.

We serve as thought partners and strategic counsel for leaders and executives and design and host strategic planning engagements with organizations looking for direction and support in manifesting social transformation.

Building capacity for change

We help teams, organizations and multi-sectoral collaboratives cultivate an ecosystem where transformation can take root. There are two major dimensions of transformative capacity building: what is social and relational, and what is technical and structural.

We work with organizations to build their endurance. This includes fostering an understanding and conviction of organizations to authentically engage in power-shifting work. We create the space for teams to get comfortable with discomfort and to role model the courage and vulnerability required to have conversations about the roots of social change.

We build communities of practice. Effective organizational shifts build upon the intelligence of teams to steward new processes and practices forward. We design experiences that tap into the strength of people working in solidarity and support teams to identify ways to integrate and practice their learning about behavior and systems change.

We help you operationalize your values in the technical and structural elements of your system. This involves reinforcing racial and social equity within formal mechanisms by revising or crafting new policies, or building operational structures that prevent and address organizational trauma, and cultivate a culture of belonging.

Community Engagement

We understand that the voices and experiences we prioritize matter, because those are the stories our communities and systems give credit to, defer to, and build strategies from. We design community engagement strategies that effectively center the voices and experiences of people and communities living at the margins of our organizations and systems.

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