Tusk is a boutique social change and organizational design consulting firm based in Portland, Oregon. We help organizations bring forward social, economic and environmental justice in their work. We are collaborative change strategists who build movements inside organizations ready for radical transformation.

We work hand in hand with you and your team to tap into your collective intelligence and design for meaningful change.



…In the right of the those at the margins to author change, and that centering these voices in our design requires shifting power.

…That the work of cultivating just and thriving ecosystems is the work of building connection with each other and across our silos.

…This work is adaptive and emergent - we design our change practices with and for clients. Nothing is “off the shelf.”

…Our work is about re-thinking boundaries to address the intersections. Systems change and personal transformation are deeply intertwined. We examine the complexity of this work with deep curiosity and build the capacity of others to approach this work with head, hands and heart.






Daesha (she/her) has made a life and a living shifting how racism, power, and oppression impact the health of individuals and communities. For the better part of 20 years Daesha has facilitated boundary-pushing conversations and transformation on complex systems change and community engagement. She has worked with non-profits, government agencies, and corporations around the world to center people on the margins of our systems to improve school nutrition, maternal and child health, gender equity, and access to basic healthcare services. Daesha is a frequent public speaker on ethical storytelling, decolonizing research & evaluation, and using human-centered design in systems change and community engagement strategies. Daesha identifies as a first generation South Asian cis-woman of color. She holds a PhD from Bloomberg School of Public Health at Johns Hopkins University as well as a BSFS from Georgetown University.




Steph (she/her) is a queer Asian woman who believes traditional HR no longer serves businesses or the individual humans who make them up (and that it probably never did). Steph is an experienced Organizational Development leader recognized for helping companies, executives, and teams identify where they are today, define who they want to be, and take big strides to close the gap. She has worked as a coach, facilitator, and one-stop HR shop at tech companies, churches, non-profit theaters, medical device manufacturers, and more. Skilled in training and meeting facilitation, experiential program design, organizational design, talent mapping and equitable policy creation, Steph has spent a decade helping organizations dismantle the old, toss out what's not working, double-down on what is, and build for the future of work.

Something different is possible. Let us show you.